Kolbjørn Pedersen

Winter night

25 below, pretty cold

Winter panorama

more photos from this trip on my blog, http://kolbjornpedersen.blogspot.no/2018/01/kald-skihelg.html


Always love the first snow. Please drop by my blog for some more shot from this day. http://kolbjornpedersen.blogspot.no/2017/12/vinter-pa-jren.html

Northern Goshawk

Winter Wren

European Shag

By the coast

Fellow photographer

From our favorite bird location.

White-tailed Eagle

Rana Ridibunda

Fishing boat

White-tailed Eagle


Northern Harrier





Winter sunset

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

more photos from this trip on my blog http://kolbjornpedersen.blogspot.no/2016/09/dalen.html

The big jump

Hi there

Northern Hawk Owl, in better light this time. http://kolbjornpedersen.blogspot.no/

Roe deer

Eurasian Curlew


Perfect reflection

Completely still water on the fjord this evening with mist drifting across. The glacier - Engabreen in the background. This is Europe's lowest lying glacier. Less than 100m above sea level. It is part of the glacier Svartisen. More pictures from this trip will be posted on my blog shortly.

Ice drops

Picked as editors' choice. Special phenomenon that does not happen very often, lake is about to freeze in, water follow the thin brances, and the drop dip into the cold water, the next morning the lake was frozen and all ice hearts gone. Taken just before sunrise